Energy: Infinite Potential


Analyze emerging technologies designed to meet the needs of an energy-hungry planet

Connect with scientists from NOAA, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and National Geographic to:

  • Determine whether an earthquake’s energy could transform into a tsunami
  • Develop a plan for providing energy to an area struck by a natural disaster
  • Propose a plan to responsibly use 400 years of stored coal
  • Address a large power outage and work to restore power
  • Design an energy efficient module that will allow humans to live in outer space

Mission 1: Critical Current – Defining Energy

Host Researcher:
Dr. Janet Green
Space Weather Physicist

Explore energy in its many forms.


Mission 2: Waves of Change – Calculating Transfers and Transformations

Host Researcher:
Dr. Vasily Titov
Director, NOAA Center for Tsunami Research

Understand how energy is transferred and transformed in predictable ways.


Mission 3: Power to the People – The Current State of the Grid

Host Researcher:
Dr. Larry Shadle
Research Group Leader, Model Validation Research Group
National Energy Technology Laboratory

Investigate how we currently meet our energy and power needs.


Mission 4: Energy Independence – The Quest for Sustainable Resources

Host Researcher:
Dr. Martin Keller
Director, BioEnergy Science Center
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Evaluate the future role of alternative energy resources.


Mission 5: Energy Security – Powering Our Future

Host Researcher:
Constance Adams
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Space Architect

Create a blueprint for a secure energy future.

Student Edition (Print & Digital)

This 120-page, full-color magazine introduces the host researchers and Argonaut teams, and provides the science background knowledge and the tools to help students solve each Mission challenge. It also contains a “getting started” tutorial, reference charts, a glossary, and interdisciplinary connections.

Teacher Edition (Print & Digital)

This 144-page, two-color manual includes facsimile Student Edition pages, wrap-around teacher notes, lesson plans, extentions, worksheets, and resources.


60 minutes of videos introduce teachers and students to some of the world’s top explorers and key science concepts. Our video content is seamlessly woven throughout the curriculum, offering a gateway into the exciting world of exploration and adventure.

Digital Labs and Games

Digital Labs allow students to explore the scientists’ work through interactive online games such as “Coaster Creator,” JASON’s hugely popular Digital Lab exploring potential and kinetic energy.

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