Ecology: Resilient Planet


Investigate the health of our environment and discover how to protect our planet's most diverse ecosystems

Connect with scientists from the Great Lakes WATER Institute, National Geographic, Ocean Exploration Trust, and NOAA to:

  • Investigate alien invaders in the Great Lakes
  • Protect whales in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Discover why there are so many sharks on the reefs of Hawaii
  • Snorkel over a coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico

Mission 1: Invaders – A Constant Ecological Battle

Host Researcher:
Dr. Russell Cuhel
Ecologist and Senior Scientist
Great Lakes WATER Institute – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Investigate and analyze the critical abiotic and biotic factors that define an ecosystem.


Mission 2: Survivors – Securing a Niche

Host Researcher:
Dr. Robert Ballard
Founder, JASON Learning
Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society

Discover the competitive strategies within a resilient ecosystem.


Mission 3: Paradise Lost – A Fragile Environmental Recovery

Host Researcher:
Dr. Sylvia Earle
Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society

Assess a degraded ecosystem by gathering historical and current evidence.


Mission 4: Paradise Found – Earth’s Natural Treasures

Host Researcher:
Dr. Enric Sala
National Geographic Society Fellow

Journey through the oceans and Earth’s outer layers to its core to better understand the dynamic nature of our planet.


Mission 5: The Rescue – Protect the Biosphere

Host Researcher:
Dr. Leila Hatch
Ocean Noise Specialist

Defend Earth’s biodiversity through personal action and community involvement.

Student Edition (Print & Digital)

This 120-page, full-color magazine introduces the host researchers and Argonaut teams, provides the science background knowledge and the tools to help students solve each Mission challenge. It also contains a “getting started” tutorial, reference charts, a glossary, and interdisciplinary connections.

Teacher Edition (Print & Digital)

This 144-page, two-color manual includes facsimile Student Edition pages, wrap-around teacher notes, lesson plans, extentions, worksheets, and resources.


60 minutes of videos introduce teachers and students to some of the world’s top explorers and key science concepts. Our video content is seamlessly woven throughout the curriculum, offering a gateway into the exciting world of exploration and adventure.

Digital Labs and Games

Digital Labs allow students to explore the scientists’ work through interactive online games such as the “Operation: Resilient Planet Game,” JASON’s award-winning 3D underwater adventure.

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