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Solve real-world problems

using your ingenuity

to come up with a big idea!

Setting the Stage with Challenge Champion, Kris Ludwig


Your mind is full of ideas about how to make the world a better place. This is your chance to start turning those ideas into reality.

Design & Pitch Challenges in STEM ask you to examine significant problems in real-world circumstances and consider how you can create solutions. You will meet inventors and entrepreneurs who share their insights into the process of creation, from concept to prototype, pitch, production, and distribution. You will encounter a selection of Challenges that can be approached from many angles, using different areas of knowledge, techniques, and technology.

It is your task to come up with an innovative solution to a Challenge and create a short, engaging pitch to convince a panel of investors that it’s worth funding. Be clear, be concise, and be convincing! The world needs your big ideas.


Challenge 1: Operation Lifeline

During natural disasters, delivering essential supplies like water, food, and medicine becomes a race against time. This challenge becomes even harder when the supplies have to be kept cold the whole time so that they don’t spoil. In this Design & Pitch Challenge, you will find a workable solution for this important problem.

Power Me Up

Challenge 2: Power Me Up

Gas-powered vehicles release harmful greenhouse gases and rely on a natural resource that will someday be gone. As a result, more and more people are buying electric vehicles. More electric vehicles means there is a need for more electric vehicle charging stations. This is an opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. In this Design & Pitch Challenge, you will plan design a company that builds charging stations for electric vehicles.

Keep it Real

Challenge 3: Keep It Real

Smartphones are everywhere. They make so many things easier. We can get a ride, order a pizza, and connect with people across the world with a single tap of the screen. But what happens when smartphones get in the way of communication? In this Design & Pitch Challenge, you will design a way to help people put down their phones and connect, face-to-face.

Ranking Algorithms

Challenge 4: Building Algorithms

In today’s internet world, data on people’s opinions are highly prized. One way to understand those opinions is to ask people to complete surveys. Researchers then create formulas, or algorithms, that analyze their survey responses in an automated process. Many successful businesses are built around algorithms. Your challenge is to build an algorithm that uses people’s opinions to rate or rank something you care about and that can be the start of a successful business.

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