JASON is in a class all its own

The only major science curriculum built around real-world phenomena and guided by practicing scientists.

Your students will:

Think scientifically about the world around them

Connect with a diverse group of science role models

Tackle challenging standards-based lessons


How it works...

Personalize your students' experience

Our platform allows for easy personalization and differentiation for students.

Choose existing lessons, or create your own

Create and share lessons building from thousands of standards-aligned science resources, or use JASON's ready-made plans.

Assign Lessons & Track Progress

Assign content for an entire classroom or on a student-by-student basis, track their progress online, and measure improvement with built-in assessment tools.
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JASON aligns flexibly to state and NGSS standards

Select a standard and get a list of lessons and resources ready for immediate use in the classroom

  • We align resources at the “atomic” level — every article, video, activity and game is individually aligned
  • Get the structure and support you need to implement the Next Generation Science Standards

Independent research validates JASON's approach to teaching science

Our curriculum has been rigorously researched and validated

  • Demonstrated higher scores for all subgroups
  • Faster progress for those who have been traditionally disadvantaged in science

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Print Materials

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