Meet the Team

Staff Headshots E

Eleanor Smalley
President and CEO

  • Dr. Smalley is a nationally recognized educator and non-profit leader providing access and opportunity to all children, whether as a superintendent, teacher, professor or CEO.
  • She has a dedicated passion to helping Educators, Schools, and Districts in achieving STEM Literacy for all Students.
  • She believes in supporting education across the country and world.

Staff head shot Sean

Sean Smith

  • He is an operations and technology leader with over 20 years of experience in for-profit and nonprofit environments.
  • He enjoys finding “right sized” solutions to problems that leverage creative technology but keep a close eye on the context and the end goal.
  • He believes that having a solid set of “STEM tools” is important for all kids, as future leaders on our planet, regardless of their specific educational or professional path as adults.

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Patrick Shea
Executive Vice President

  • Mr. Shea has held a vital role in developing many of JASON’s programs and other key components for learners in formal and informal STEM learning environments
  • He enjoys the incredible opportunities to travel the world and share the work of scientists, explorers and engineers with the JASON Argonaut Program.
  • Mr. Shea wants to provide the next generation with a strong foundation in STEM so as to best prepare them for the future careers and challenges of the 21st century.

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Amy O’Neal
Director of Education and Professional Development

  • She has been a science educator since 1994, working in a variety of informal and formal settings, and primarily focuses on professional learning, program design and implementation, and Next Generation Science Standards pedagogy.
  • She enjoys thinking and understanding about how people learn, and integrating innovative and thoughtful ways in professional learning experiences to support the advancement of concepts, practices, and pedagogy.
  •  She believes in the wonder of nature and adventure to get kids excited and inspired to engage with STEM and see the relevance of STEM in their own lives.

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Debra Hill
Regional Director – TX, OK, WI

  • She supports JASON Learning implementation in districts across Texas and Oklahoma.
  • She enjoys collaborating with STEMConnector and U.S. Cellular to bring the JASON’s Design Thinking Challenge :  Connected Storm Sanctuary to students in Milwaukee, Chicago and Tulsa.
  • She loves to share the STEM Innovation in Texas and JASON Learning with educators by coordinating the annual Fall Conference and JASON National Conference-Houston.

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Grace Allstrom
Content Developer, Project Manager

  • She coordinates the development of new curriculum projects, making engaging and inspiring STEM materials available to kids across the country and around the world.
  • She enjoys collaborating with STEM role models, writers, and teachers to create cutting-edge content.
  • She believes in JASON’s mission to bring relevant, fascinating STEM education to all students.

Staff head shot J

Jason Poole
Director of Technology Infrastructure and Software Development

  • Mr. Poole is responsible for implementing, maintaining, and progressing the technology behind JASON Learning.
  • He strives to finds solutions to make delivery of STEM curriculum more efficient and fun.
  • His passion for engineering and technology fuel his desire to bring that knowledge to our next generation of scientists and technologists.

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Souad Sadiqui
Operations & Administration Specialist

  • She is dedicated to supporting the use of JASON Learning and assisting people in using JASON’s materials
  • She works closely with JASON’s Professional Development trainers to ensure they can successfully train teachers on how to us JASON Learning.
  • She strongly believes that JASON can be a necessary learning tool that introduces all students and teachers to exciting and new ideas on how to learn in STEM.

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Catherine Toro
Administrative Assistant

  • Ms. Toro is a former teacher passionate about k-12 education and ensuring all learners have access to quality education.
  • She is eager to assist JASON Learning in all aspects, including writing and promoting through social media.
  • She loves planning and connecting with educators around the country and globally, through the JASON Learning network.

Staff Headshots Ju

Jude Kesl
JASON Argonaut Expedition Leader

  • She is passionate about igniting a love for learning in students and teachers.
  • As the JASON Argonaut Expedition Leader she has taken students and teachers on over thirty JASON Learning expeditions to various locations around the world.
  • Jude has been a long-standing educator as a literacy and technology coach, K-8 teacher and university instructor in Milwaukee, WI, New York City and other cities around the country. She is currently also a Google Certified Education Trainer and a Google Certified Innovator.

Staff Headshots T

Susan Zelman
Regional Director – OH

  • Dr. Zelman has a had a long standing career in education from her start as a NYC High School Teacher to a professor of education and  department chair of education at Emmanuel College.
  • Associate Commissioner of Educational Personnel at the Massachusetts Department of Education, Deputy Commissioner of education at the Missouri Department of Education, and Superintendent of Public Instruction in Ohio for ten years.
  • She is President of the Zelman Education Consulting Group and strives to promote and support better education.

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Scott Van Beck
Regional Director – New England

  • He is responsible for building the JASON footprint throughout New England, including the states of Vermont (his home state), New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
  • He believes in the JASON vision of establishing on-going STEM-focused learning throughout all American communities.
  • His greatest thrill as a JASON regional director is to see the light bulb come on as adults and young learners together focus on STEM challenges like climate change.

Staff Headshots P

Tom Davis
Regional Director – CA, NV, AZ

  • His passions center around mentoring and coaching, equal opportunity for all underrepresented communities, STEM, English Learners; technology for teaching and learning; students with special needs and students at-risk of not completing their education.
  • Mr. Davis currently serves as Director of Business Development for the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS). His primary goals are to keep the organization financially stable and to grow the State Affiliate program.
  • Tom is an avid basketball player and represents Mexico on the Over 64 National Basketball Team which finished sixth in the FIMBA World Championships in Helsinki in 2019.

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