The STEM Solution Offers:

Effective remote instruction

Printable packet options for students without access

Learning based on specific state and grade standards

Customizable assessment for use in personalizing instruction

Our solution is turnkey, scalable, equitable, and proven.

Best of all, it’s available to use immediately at no cost to districts.*

*The AASA STEM Solution is available at no cost through the end of May, 2020. If your district will be teaching beyond May, please contact us and we will work with you.

Spring Independent School District’s six-year partnership with JASON Learning has helped transform teaching and learning for all students. Over the past few weeks, we have transitioned from traditional methods of teaching and learning to offering extensive online education for diverse learners across multiple grade levels. Our existing relationship and use of JASON Learning’s products and materials has helped us continue online instructional continuity during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.


Dr. Rodney Watson

Superintendent / Spring Independent School District

We are so grateful that we are able to utilize this STEM Solution during this worldwide pandemic and subsequent school closure. The curriculum is highly engaging, easily accessible, and creates an equitable scenario for our students and community at large.


Adam Cheeseman

Superintendent / Doddridge County Schools

Revere Local School District has been working toward personalization of learning and student engagement through a number of initiatives over the past 4 years, with JASON Learning being one of those. JASON provides our students and teachers with real reasons to explore and learn science seeing science well beyond a textbook by learning what scientists do in the real world.


Matt Montgomery

Superintendent / Revere Local Schools

JASON Learning ignites the imaginations of Portsmouth Public School teachers and students with innovative, real-world curriculum experiences in problem-based learning environments.


Dr. Elie Bracy

Superintendent / Portsmouth Public Schools

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For your front-line, the teachers, here are the benefits:

High-quality curriculum resources and instruction

Support and resources that reach beyond the worksheet

Activities, games, videos and more to keep students engaged

Immediate assessments to monitor and ensure academic progress

Our solution provides teachers with engaging, standards-aligned content which can be assigned and accessed remotely. The content includes hands-on activities that can be done at home. Our digital platform integrates seamlessly with existing learning management systems such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Clever and more.

What I love about the STEM Solution is that it’s online, so it’s easier for me to look at instead of having to look at past worksheets from other teachers. But also it’s just really authentic. It’s definitely 21st Century, what we want the kids to do: critical thinking. It’s not just worksheets, define these words, this is what this is. It’s really thinking critically and having them struggle, and I feel like that’s what they need. They need to struggle because that’s where you get the good ideas.

AASA STEM Solution – Powered by JASON Learning

Raquel Velasque

Science Teacher / Fairfax, VA

The STEM Solution offers a lot of features that really help the students to connect. So first they have the scientists, and the kids will watch the videos and they see the scientists doing their work. And then the scientists give a little background like, ‘When I was a kid, I was kind of doing this and I was doing that,’ and the kids are sitting there thinking, ‘I do that. I’m just like that scientist!’ And they make that connection through the videos and the lessons, but they’re not too intimidating. You can take them piece by piece. And then there’s this fun activity that goes with it.

AASA STEM Solution – Powered by JASON Learning

Kristel Flesberg

Science Teacher / Elmwood, WI

Next Generation STEM Solutions for K-12

AASA selected this solution based on JASON’s 30-year history as a leader in distance learning innovation. This solution will help your district hit the ground running with remote instruction. Combined with ongoing support from AASA’s robust and active leadership community, superintendents will have the resources and answers they need to successfully navigate these challenging times.

An Added Benefit – Community Support

During these unprecedented times, others in your community are also looking for ways to stay connected as after-school clubs, summer programs, faith-based organizations and other youth venues that have shut their doors while social distancing remains in effect. As a district partner, you can share our solution with any youth organization within your service area.

Looking toward the Future

This Solution isn’t just a quick fix for COVID-19. We are your long-term partner and STEM Solution for the future. Use today’s free access as an opportunity for you and your educators to get familiar with our resources and exciting approach to STEM teaching and learning and prepare to build on that foundation when in-person instruction returns. Use our programs, strategies and guidance to better engage with local businesses and industry leaders to build public-private partnerships that ensure your students will have in-demand skills and are prepared for the STEM-based careers that will empower your local economy in the years ahead.

District Pricing: 2020-2021 Academic Year

For more information about how you can bring the AASA STEM Solution to your school district and community, please contact:

Dr. Eleanor Smalley, JASON Learning
esmalley@jason.org | 703-581-4472

Mort Sherman, AASA
MortSherman@aasa.org | 703-875-0726

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Join these pioneering district leaders who are making an impact in STEM education in their communities




Nadaburg Unified School District


Dr. Aspasia Angelou

Caldwell School District


Dr. Shalene French

Chicago Public Schools


North Chicago CUSD 187

North Chicago

John Price



McDonald County School District

McDonald County2

Dr. Mark Stanton

Brewster Central School District


Dr. Valerie Henning-Piedmonte

Genesee Valley CSD

Gen Valley

Dr. Brian Schmitt

Ithaca City Schools


Dr. Luvelle Brown


Bethel-Tate Local School District

Bethel Tate

Melissa Kircher

Butler County ESC

Butler County

Chris Brown

Campbell City Schools

Campbell City

Matthew Bowen

Graham Local Schools

Graham Logo

London City Schools

London City

Dr. Lou Kramer

Madison Local School District

Madison Local

Lisa Tuttle-Huff

Monroe Local Schools

Monroe Local

Kathy Demers

Noble Local Schools


Dan Leffingwell

Newark City Schools


Maura Horgan

Revere Local School District


Matt Montgomery

Rolling Hills Local School District

Rolling Hills

Ryan Caldwell

Ross Local Schools

Ross Local Temp2

Scott Gates

Talawanda School District

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Dr. Edward Theroux

Washington Court House City Schools

Washington Court House

Tom Bailey



Byng Public Schools

Byng New

Todd Crabtree

Tulsa Public Schools


Deborah Gist

Smithfield Public Schools


Dr. Judy Paolucci

West Warwick Public Schools

West Warwick

Karen Tarasevich


Aldine ISD


Dr. LaTonya Goffney
*Sponsored by Chevron

Alief ISD


HD Chambers
*Sponsored by Chevron

Austin ISD


Dr. Paul Cruz
*Sponsored by DELL

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD


Dr. Mark Henry
*Sponsored by Chevron

Del Valle ISD

Del Valle 2019

Dr. Annette T. Villerot
*Sponsored by DELL

Eanes ISD


Dr. Tom Leonard
*Sponsored by DELL

Fort Bend ISD

Fort Bend

Dr. Charles E. Dupre
*Sponsored by Chevron

Georgetown ISD


Dr. Fred Brent
*Sponsored by DELL

Hays Consolidated ISD


Dr. Eric Wright
*Sponsored by DELL

Houston ISD


Dr. Grenita Lathan
*Sponsored by Transocean

Klein ISD


Dr. Jenny McGown
*Sponsored by Chevron

Round Rock ISD

Round Rock

Dr. Steve Flores
*Sponsored by DELL

Skidmore-Tynan ISD


Dustin Barton

Southwest Schools

Southwest Schools

Dr. Janelle James
*Sponsored by Chevron

Spring ISD


Dr. Rodney E. Watson
*Sponsored by Chevron

Tomball ISD


Martha Salazar-Zamora


Fairfax County Public Schools

Fairfax County

Franklin City Public Schools

Franklin City

Tamara Sterling

Portsmouth Public Schools


Dr. Elie Bracy III

Southampton Public Schools


Dr. Gwendolyn Shannon



Doddridge County Schools


Adam Cheeseman

Wetzel County Schools


Ed Toman

Milwaukee Public Schools

MPS Stacked logo CMYK ClosedP_MQ

Dr. Keith Posley

Stoughton Area School District


Tim Onsager

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